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Nova Robotics

Because life is not a malfunction

The Short Circuit ElJay Fan Community
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All Members , Moderated
For fans of the 80's robot movies Short Circuit
Hello bozos!

In case it isn't blatantly obvious, this is a fan community for the beloved (or maligned, depending on who you ask) Short Circuit movies. Did you ever wish Johnny Five was your best friend? Saw Volkswagons in clouds? Dance at 3AM? Hunger for input? You may just belong here.

Hopefully most of us should be old enough to know basic LiveJournal etiquette, but since this is the Internet, some basic rules should be laid down:

1. Please, if you do not like the movies why don't you just go on your merry way? Flaming and trolling will not be permitted.

2. Be respectful of other members.

3. Please try to stay on topic!

4. For the sake of people's Friends pages, if you're posting images, please keep the the filesize and actual height x width something manageable. Larger images can be posted under cuts.

5. Yes, we know Wall-E looks like Johnny Five. If you come here to whine about Pixar ripping off Eric Allard and Syd Meade, be prepared to be surprised as to who and what spawned this community's genesis. ;)

6. Most importantly- HAVE FUN!

(This info will be under constant construction!)

Your Friendly Mods:
(for now)
msbluesky AT gmail DOT com
Other points of interest: