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05 November 2009 @ 11:39 am
I just joined, not to sure whether you needed to wait for approval or what not so I thought I'd introduce myself and show you something that you'll (hopefully) find pretty cool.

My name is Stephanie, I'm from Australia. Funnily enough my dad named me after Short Circuit because I was the 5th kid, and you guys all know the story "No.5 Is alive" etc etc and of course he met Stephanie & I happened to come out a girl and dad loved the movie so thats pretty much how I came about my name. I think it's pretty cool.
But yeah about a month and a half ago I went and got this done



It's on my right foot, I haven't seen anyone else with SC tattoo so I'm still looking.

Anywho so thats me :)
03 November 2009 @ 06:49 pm
Hello bozos! Yep, I'm still tryin' to keep the dream alive (despite how futile it may seem)! Part of it includes actually making the community look like it's actually USED and doesn't have a generic layout. I can't say it has a GOOD layout now, but hay, gotta dig that green on black, man.

Hopefully I'll have more to post in the future-- this will probably make all the people on my regular journal happy because my Short Circuit babblings will go here instead of my own personal journal. Eh, they don't know what they're missing. ;) But on a similar note, if you know anybody who may want to join in on this little robotic love-in, feel free to drag them over invite them here! Someday SOMEONE besides pikachuashnat or myself will post an entry!

Moving on-- these will be repeats for people who follow me on LiveJournal or go to the forums on http://johnny-five.com, but I realized that the fact that I haven't posting my Short Circuit fanart to my own SC FAN COMMUNITY is PRETTY DARN SILLY! What is a fan community without fan-made creations? Sadness, that's what.

So here's the latest two, under the cut, which are the ones I deem most appropriate for viewing-- the older ones may make you want to claw your eyes out. Follow the cut!

OOOOH aesthetic input!Collapse )

Anyway, that's all for now guys! I actually do have some other stuff to post later on, so keep your friends page up. Thanks for humouring me and looking at my fanart, also! Feel free to drop a comment, or if you have something to post, use your membership to post your own entry! You know you want to!

Until next time true believers, remember, less eggshells make for less lumpy pancakes!
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11 October 2009 @ 11:54 pm
I've had these icons on my hard drive for quite some time now... I was hoping to have at least 15 or 20 before I shared them, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Especially since I really hate my current screencaps. I need to start over and do them all again. :P

Check them out under here, craphead!Collapse )

♥ Please credit [info]pikachuashnat or [info]_outlet
♥ Please do not modify icons, especially textless ones by adding text

...and as always, enjoy! B)
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13 May 2009 @ 10:14 am
Hello again!

I forgot to note in my last post that the infamous Nostalgia Critic of That Guy With the Glasses fame was doing a review of both Short Circuit movies. Considering that the point of the Nostalgia Critic reviews is to pick apart the movies and all their silly or just plain stupid scenes in a funny, if not just plain abusive way, many people even on the site itself were afraid of him ripping our favourite cheesy 80's movies "a new one."

Well, a week later and it's finally up, and I gotta say, I approve. In all honesty I feel like he missed out on plenty of questionable lines (both the "marital aide" and "nice software" lines weren't even shown there-- man, that's a couple missed opportunities) and improbable happenings that I felt that it could've been better than it was, but a) he was trying to fit two movies into one review and b) let's face it, I'm a fandork whose way of showing her love is to pick apart things and make fun of them, so I doubt anything will ever be up to my standards.

Still, an awesome LOL session was had.

Now for the ratings warning: the Nostalgia Critic is NOT family friendly. There's cursing (and yes, worse cursing than in the SC movies, which already had plenty of cursing) and some innuendos, so if you're not wanting to see that kind of stuff, then pass it up. Also, if you're just SO AFRAID of your childhood being bashed and can't stand to see the Short Circuit movies being made fun of, then you better not watch this. But most of the people I've met in the fandom have an awesome sense of humour, so I'm not too worried.

Zee link and zee garlic bread:
Nostalgia Critic's Review of Short Circuit 1 & 2.

Enjoy, folks!
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09 May 2009 @ 04:22 pm
Yes! Your friendly neighborhood mod refuses to let go of this community! (Even though she runs out of stuff to put in here and still needs to fix the layout and such. Anybody want me to upload my stupid fanart?)

I am writing because it's May 9th, the release date for the first Short Circuit in the US back in 1986! Holy crap, it's been 23 years? That explains the giant floppy disks, then...
(SAD FACT: This mod was born a little bit more than a year after the movie came out. Yet I only became a fan two years ago. HOW DO THINGS LIKE THAT HAPPEN?)

Am I going to watch the movies? YOU KNOW I'LL BE. I wish my partner in crime and fellow mod pikachuashnat were here to accompany me over AIM, but her Internets hates her. 8(

If anybody is out there still reading this thing, have a great rest of the day, great rest of the month, and heck, an awesome rest of your life. Because remember, it isn't a malfunction. :>
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09 October 2008 @ 08:34 pm
Hai, your friendly neighborhood administrator now comes in REFRESHING WILBURY FLAVOUR. Just so you guys know.

Anyway, since our other friendly neighborhood mod (IN OTHER WORDS- THE ONLY OTHER PERSON WHO POSTS HERE XD) isn't around, I'll subject you, the reading public of ElJay to my findings.

Well, not my findings. Someone on www.johnny-five.com found it. BUT STILL IT'S COOL. I love behind scenes stuff like this and wish I could get my grubby mitts on them.

Robot schematics for Short Circuit 2 and Eric Allard's badge!
I guess it's always been a curiosity of mine to go digging around in records like this. (That, and I like MAKING records/schematics/model sheets like this...I won't lie, for some reason I've gotten the idea it'd be fun to do a "how-to-draw" drawing schematic page for our favourite robot, even though, uh, I still don't relatively know SQUAT about his anatomy. That and it'd take up about ten pages if I went into my perfectionist mode.)

So the pictures are fun for me to look at. Cool little peek behind the scenes. And...*snags some of the pictures for future reference* 8)

Until next time...learn from pikachuashnat...don't throw your computer out during lightning storms.* Her computer acts very odd...>.>

*I kid. This is just an inside joke. But her computer almost does seem psychic...>.>
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23 September 2008 @ 10:50 pm


Man, I wish I had more to post. I HAD a lot more, but I ended up not liking those or hating how the colours came out. Most of the screenshots on the SC2 DVD all come out quite dark and as much as I try, they don't look that good. :\
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21 August 2008 @ 01:53 am
It's my community and I can make random observation posts late at night if I want to!

Okay, so, backstory: I had gotten pikachuashnat the second SC movie on DVD since she didn't have it, and we watched it "together" over AIM. After all the times we went "awww" and said we wanted to hug Johnny and love him and make all the hurt go away, we decided that at least in the second movie, he's a total Woobie, at least for the second movie.

I mean honestly, even if you don't like the sequel, aren't there parts where you just wish you feel so bad for him you want a magic wand to make everything better? Because if you don't, I worry about whether or not you possess a heart.

I wonder when I'm going to learn about posting late at night...>.>
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14 August 2008 @ 08:44 pm
I guess it's about time I introduce myself, eh? I've been wanting to post SOMETHING for a long while, however I felt that I didn't have much to contribute. So, hello to everyone, I come bearing input! Er, Livejournal icons, anyway. 8)

I usually have a lot of icons to post when I do, but sadly I only have 18 at the moment. My laptop is supposed to read DVDs, but once I insert the DVD it goes nuts after the first 5 minutes. So I was only able to scroll through and quickly get some screencaps back when I made these. I'm tired of having them sit on my hard drive taking up room, so enjoy them for yourselves! :D

HELLO, BOZOS!Collapse )

I hope to have more of them soon!
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04 August 2008 @ 07:28 am

Well since we have more members here besides the three mods I guess it would be prudent to have a post where we can post introductions so we can ALL GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER AND BE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY. Yay!

...No, I do not know why I am so cheery at this time of day! Usually I'm a sluggish mess!

Anyway, reply to this entry so we can get to know you folks a little bit! Here's a helpful guide as to what to put in your intros!

When did you first see SC? (Or SC2, if you saw them in reverse):
Why do you love the movies?:
Favourite character?:
Other fandoms:
Favourite music:
Favourite books:
Anything else?:

The "other fandoms" and "favourites" questions outside of SC are there so people can get an idea of what else you like. ;) WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT OUR COMMON INTERESTS ARE!

Lastly: I apologize for the abuse of capslock in this post. I'm afraid I have a love of capslock.

Oh! And if any of the other mods want to fool around with the layout PLEASE DO SO! I am so bad with LJ layouts!
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